Meditation and Stress: Science Shows the Marked Benefits

November 8th, 2016 meditationhealing

Stress takes a huge toll on the human mind and body, causing us to feel intense emotions that prove difficult to overcome without some sort of intervention. Meditation is one practice that can help us go within ourselves, allowing us to find a way to relax and decrease our stress levels.

Many factors and situations cause stress. As The Huffington Post notes, some of the most common reasons include procrastination; use of smoking, alcohol and drugs; unhealthy diet choices; ignoring problems; being overly engaged with technology; or lacking passion in life.

The author of the article offers up meditation, using mindfulness and conscious breathing, to relieve the stress caused by these issues – and with good reason. Meditating relieves stress and leads to instantly realized benefits, where your effort and commitment determines your results.

Meditation and Stress ReliefScience of Meditation

Fox News recently reported on a study done on inmates that found prisoners who practiced transcendental meditation at least two times each day experienced less stress and fewer mental health issues than inmates who did not follow a similar practice.

Researchers offered a five-session meditation-training program to 90 male inmates in Oregon state prisons, requesting the inmates practice the techniques on their own for about 20 minutes twice per day. A control group of 91 inmates was also followed.

Though all men showed improvement in symptoms after the program was over, the men in the meditation group experienced significantly larger reductions in perceived stress, anxiety, depression, dissociation and sleep disturbances than those who in the control group. According to the researchers’ findings, depression and sleep problem symptoms were also reduced by 50 percent on average.

The same Fox News article reported on previous research that shows meditation involving mantras and mindfulness reduced stress in those at risk for mental and physical health problems. As more research continues, it’s clear to see a trend – science is seeming to prove tangibly the real benefits of meditation.

Learn to Meditate

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